The full adoption of our technology and recovery solutions is realized by confirming that savings and conservation goals have been achieved.

We provide our clients with Eco-System (our proprietary software used to collect data from API’s and on-site access points where our hardware systems are installed) to calculate real-time metrics measuring energy performance and the carbon footprint of an enterprise.

Eco-System (accessible via online dashboard and mobile/tablet application) enables clients to communicate efficiency results, using actionable intelligence on consumption, to all stakeholders in order to compare improved functionality to historical inefficiency. Clients are also automatically reminded to resubmit reports so that continued financial recovery is ensured.


This important value-add sets us apart from the competition and is essential to not only monitoring but sustaining savings. 

In offering an educational tool for clients to visualize the renewed impact our solutions have on their improved operations, we highlight how Efficient, Economic, and Environmentally Responsible their business has become.