An LED retrofit or replacement by itself is insufficient.

Although savings can be realized through incentives applied to the purchase of LED lights, unless electricity is delivered through a better mechanism to the lights themselves, a business will only accomplish a fraction of the savings due to the inefficiency that results from having antiquated, traditional, high-voltage electric cabling in place. 

REAL savings come from a FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in how the electricity is DELIVERED to the LED fixtures. We offer the ONLY full end-to-end, patented solution that allows electricity to be transferred over low-voltage Ethernet cable (Power over Ethernet). 


Up to 30% of your electric bill is comprised of lighting costs! 

By leveraging our unique PoE LED technology, it will not only allow your business to take advantage of MORE incentives, further limiting capital expenditure, but your LED lighting will be truly optimized.

Our PoE LED solution is 50% more efficient than standard LED’s and 80% more efficient than legacy fluorescent lighting. 

When combining enhanced incentives for increased lighting efficiency with significant savings from PoE LED, our clients see an immediate return on investment with LITTLE to NO capital expenditure.